e301 Programmable General Purpose Microcontroller

A 8051-based microcontroller system suitable for various control applications and for education purposes.

  • Microcontroller Philips-P89C51RD2
  • 89C51 microcontroller
  • 1 KB internal RAM (DATA)
  • 64 KB flash memory (CODE)
  • Four 8-bit I/O ports
  • Operating/ +5Vdc
  • Programming voltage
  • Crystal Frequency 11.0592 MHz
  • Serial Port UART communication (RS-232 standard)
  • Programming In-system programming via serial port

  • Fet@89c5x Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software

    Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software for assembly language programming (capable to communicate with e301 through RS-232).

  • Support Windows 95/98/Me
  • Fully graphical user interface with
  • Code editor
  • Macro assembler (ASM51.exe)
  • Relocator & Linker (RL51.exe)
  • Bin-to-Hex converter (OH.exe)
  • Buffer viewer
  • In-system programmer

  • e301T Microcontroller Training Kit

    A training unit based on 8051 microcontroller with protected I/O. This unit is suitable for the training of assembly language and also for the appreciation of actual control of electrical devices and home appliances.

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